College inspected by NAAC Peer Team on 24th & 25th March, 2010.        A Programme to disseminate information on study prospects in New Zealand & Scotland by experts from Edutech Ltd. Rotorua, New Zealand. (Partners of Memorandum of Understanding) on 08/04/2010.
Virtual Session -Dr. B.K. Passi interacting
with the audience from Bangkok.
Dr. S.B. Mohanty (Pondicherry)  , General Secretary, All India Association of Educational Research (AIAER)

Dr. S.K. Bawa, Dean, Deptt. of Education,
L.P.U. Phagwara

Community Work
Visit To Slum Area
Extension Lectures
Honoring Dr. Ajaib Singh Brar, Vice Chancellor,
Lukhnow University on 7th Jan 2009
Dr. Ajaib Singh Brar, V. C., Lukhnow University, Interacting With Students on 7th Jan 2009
Extension Lecture by
Dr. Dev Raj Vij on 4th March, 2009
Extension Lecture on Special Technique of Teaching by Dr. Dev Raj Vij on 4th March, 2009
Extension Lecture On

Naturopathy By Dr. Gurinder Singh on 20th Nov. 2008
Extension Lecture On Banking by Mr. I.P. Sethi (Manager, P.N.B. Dhudike)(5th March09)
Extension Lecture On “Intelligence” by
Dr. Sarabjeet held on 19th Feb. 2009
Extension lecture by Sh. S.N.Srivastava on Bloom’s Taxanomy held on 6th March 2009.
National Seminar on “Exceptional Children With
Special Needs - Thinking Outside The Box”
held on 14th March 2009
Extension lectue by Dr. Chaurasia on "World Peace"
Dr. Chaurasia blessing the students
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